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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 12, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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country finally over for a local pastor he's announcing about its coast- to-coast track. crime scene tape surrounding the home of retired doctor and his wife in kankakee after stabbing him to death left her severely injured. our top story seen around the country tonight the stabbing and kankakee. we have the latest. this couple has a rich history here dr. james golden stain was a well-known ob-gyn in fact he delivered the first baby ever hear but he was stabbed to death his wife betty survived the
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attack she's being treated here at riverside and is currently listed in serious but stable condition. he spent his career delivering babies in kankakee just before 6:00 this morning police were called to the doctor's home on the 1400 block of west would when they arrived they found him stabbed to death his wife in the 81 year-old betty golden steen had also suffered stab wounds but she survived and was rushed to hospital on the scene police found the suspect 35 year-old philip harrel who apparently had slid his own throat into was taken to hospital. police couldn't see for sure if the suspect had tried to take his own life. he has an extensive criminal history he had been serving an eight year prison sentence for a variety of charges including burglary but
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he was released early on parole just two days ago. that this is an infuriated kankakee state attorney boys. this tragic event could have been avoided. >> word spread quickly throughout the quiet neighborhood. absolutely stunned as something that should not happen here or anywhere in this town as far as i'm concerned. dr. roger taylor is a neighbor and close friend of the victim and is also a position that was hired by dr. golden steam back in 1979. he was a kind, generous highly skilled highly regarded physician. he was the kind of physician i think that every young doctor should have as a mentor.
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>> dr. golden state is survived by a very large family just one month ago they celebrated the burst of their first great grandchild as for the suspect is being guarded at the hospital police say he will be charged with first-degree murder upon his release. we have some breaking news from chicago's south side a man in his '70's was fatally shot in the head. it happened a short time ago. they picked up some showcase things that were found nearby in an alley we have a reporter to try to bring you more information later in the broadcast. congressman jesse jackson jr. may have issues other than health he is being investigated for his finances the feds are
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focusing on suspicious activity involving his finances related to his house into the possibility of inappropriate expenditures. president obamathe investigation and began weeks before he took leave from his job for bipolar disorder treatment. state police are conducting aerial searches, there are now 9000 posters describing them. after five years on the run in europe a former surgeon mark weinberg get seven years in prison more than
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double the recommended guidelines a judge says that once produced patients as an atm card, the sentence is separate from 300 malpractice cases by patients who say that he ruined their lives. >> my sister was a patient of his and she passed away as a result of his not diagnosing her correctly. i was happy with the sentence. >> he has been in jail since his arrest. convicted murderer drew peterson appeared in court today he said his longtime attorney jewel brodsky is his attorney the court hearing that came about said they were going to represent him in the appeal of the murder conviction of his third wife more on this story now. the band is back together again says defense attorney joe
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brodsky but some of the band members he acknowledges need to learn how to get along another defense team has sentenced to intervene. carroll maintained that peterson gave him the ok to move forward but brodsky said that was not the case. but he said that he never gave carroll the green light. miss gonzalez needs to seek some serious
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mental health because she obviously needs a because she makes stuff up. his testimony jurors say it was a deciding factor in fighting peterson guilty.finding peterson guilty. their bottom feeders are obsessed. greenberg was of the defense team but now he is back on it's not about anybody's ego or anybody calling each other names it's about helping drew go through this very very difficult price process right now peterson
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is scheduled to be sentenced on the 12th. tonight he says mission accomplished passer rory brooks finished his project across the country. our goal is to eradicate violence one neighborhood at a time he walked for a lot of neighborhoods 3,000 mi. from new york to l.a. trying to raise $15 million for the south side community center. to raise money to tear down the abandoned building. even though a lot of them were not aware of the bad attitude of the issues that we are facing on the south side of chicago the mayor and people are very compassionate and very concerned when they become aware of what's going on. >> he plans to be back at the
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pulpit. jean-claude brizard is out and already his replacement is in. we will take a look at cbs headquarters. it will cost you a little more to mail a letter will show you how much coming up.
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>> after just under a year and half jean-claude brizard has given up his post as ceo. barbara bennett is now charged with taking public schools to the next level and she says she is in the long haul. bottom line maher says speculation about the future of his hand-picked school's team was getting in the way of that mission. he had to go not only was it the end but emanuel and brizard insist that both realized that in fact brizard said that he brought it up rumors had surfaced that he
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was not happy he's not returning calls tonight but in a statement the outgoing ceo said as the district leader i am proud of the results we achieved in such a short time graduation rates are up test scores are improving a higher percentage of freshmen are on track for graduation we achieved the lowest one-year drop out rate in the city's history. we talked as recently this morning i said you have a lot to be proud of over the last 17 months and you can hold your head up high i could be no more aligned to the vision of this marriage and this board of education than i have been in any other port of my career as
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ceo of the chicago public schools my focus every single day will be on our children nothing more. her background has been in producing a very good collaborative relationships with other unions so to me that's a signal from city hall. after a short to but angry seven school day teachers' strike the chicago teachers union is also ready to bow of a different way maybe now to one of a better relationship with city hall? >> i hope so because it can't get any worse. observers acknowledge this situation that's been billed to us with time. it was the mayor's call into that was the end of it. the
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teachers' strike in evergreen park is over students will return to the class room monday teachers and school leaders finalized their contract early tonight bringing to an end the nearly two weeks strike of more than 200 employees it left 1800 students out of the classroom. with every negotiation everybody gets something that they want. class is expected to resume monday in the district's four elementary and there is a tentative deal in northwest suburban is crystal lake after it won a teachers' strike. for
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taking their show on the road, both candidates looking to capitalize on yesterday's debate performance. an arrest made in pakistan of the shooting of a youn i love how clean and healthy my mouth is right now. i wish i could keep it this way. [ male announcer ] now you can. with the crest pro-health clinical line. used together, they help keep your teeth 97% as clean as a dental cleaning. the toothpaste actually reduces plaque. and the rinse reaches all areas and is clinically proven to help prevent plaque regrowth. crest pro-health clinical line. together, they help keep your teeth
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women's rights and the supreme court it was settled in last night's debate. congressman ryan made it very clear that he and romney are prepared to impose their private to views on everyone else. it was made clear last night that they do not believe in protecting a woman's access to healthcare it was made very clear that they do not believe a woman has the right to control her own body. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney and paul rai campaign together in lancaster ohio one of the key battleground states for the election no republican has won the office without an ohio ryan said the democrats are not offering any new ideas with president barack obama saying more of the same. every now and then i see these obama rallies into their chanting four more
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years our chair is four more weeks all right? we are getting ready for a change. both romney and president barack obama now have to get ready for debate no. 2 that happens this coming tuesday in new york it will take the form of a town hall meeting citizens in the audience will ask questions of the candidates on both foreign and domestic issues. 14 year-old was shot in head and neck putshe was targeted for writing a blogger about the brutal taliban regime in pakistan authorities have identified the two men but they are still searching for them they also rounded up about 70 people and took them into custody in the meantime she is
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on a conscious and on a ventilator but her blood pressure and heart beat our normal doctors say the next 48 hours are critical united states is poised to hit back aggressively leon panetta of warning about cyber threat saying it could be as destructive as a terror attack in 911 several security experts see bigger prince but panetta didn't put blame on the country he did say that i ran along with russia and china has advanced cyber capabilities he also said that intruders have infiltrated transportation chemical electrical and water plants computers in this country. starting january 1st first-class stamp will now cost 46¢ $1.10 can get you that letter anywhere in the world they also plan to raise their rates for priority mail services the new prices will be reviewed by the postal regulatory commission's and they
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do become effective january 27th nearing its final destination a long journey almost over and what cruz had to go through to get us there and a new heart in town this weekend for a special honor our dean richards said down with him. in
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tonight's medical watch straightening out the problem can be tricky and simple screening and you can do at home may help. i love swim and i've been swimming since i was 4. in the water she slides and in the center parents share but then our mother noticed a strange shape of her daughter spine. she
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had what we call a double curve here orthopedic surgeon diagnosed meghan with scoliosis we see it in about 3% of the population only 12 percent will continue to get worse but its growth and that tends to make this type of scoliosis get larger. she began wearing a back brace at age 7 but as she grew, so did the curve and her spine at age 12 it was clear she needs more her current had progressed to 50 degrees. if the kurds are over 50 degrees when you were done growing you really start to have problems with longs and cardiac function. with some of those we have to then eventually consider surgery like meghan today her 10 in. scar is very visible and extra reminder of what reminds inside an
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intricate grid of metal rods in the screws. the end result in machens case it was a 10 level fusion of the bony vertebra. is it a perfect motion? nell into my restrictions would be in context so i am ok with it. even though it took years after surgery to regain her fighting form still scoliosis didn't sink her hopes for the future. it's my goal this season to qualify for state. this year i'm really hoping for some individuals. maginnis treatment
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may have been complicated but it started with a simple test one parents can do a home with their kids and if they suspect scoliosis 75 percent of cases with early intervention a back brace is the only treatment necessary. we're looking for shoulders with one side higher than the other hand shoulder blades that are protruding the next thing we want to do was look at the waistline by taking a look at this side compared tahir to see if it's a metric we want to see if one side looks higher than the other she looks very symmetric. there is a new word genetic test and it is a simple saliva's dna test that tells doctors and patients are at a high risk for progression.
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be impacted by the storm we have coming some beautiful shots here these have come into us from j d carlson who works with the oklahoma mess sonat and watches our show. here is castle mountain a bow river area which is up in canada into then lake louise anybody that's been up there knows how beautiful the area is it looks a lot like alaska. beautiful colors although i suspect some of these down this weekend. we are on the way from all indications from a beautiful day today to one that is cloudy with waves of rainfall coming in over the weekend. we have the wettest weekend since last november in just under 11 months on the way the computer
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models range from 2200 to 435. you get about an inch and a half of rain that is a very respectable rain system coming and that is the lake plume that came in here for a time and produced a couple of like the fact will rainshowers. lake affect rainshowers. there are frost and freeze warnings in effect. and you can see this is a tornado watch down here in texas with parts of oklahoma and also sections of new mexico in on that under winter weather
9:33 pm
advisor raise for snow on the back side of the system here is why we're so interested in this apparently will sit in the corridor of heavy rain and look at some of these numbers this is a closer view and you can see we have presoaking rain on the way. this will come in waves it will not rain continuously when these things are and look at the way they blossomed during the course of the day but this first band of showers could be in by three or four in the morning there is some vertical build to these and a fair amount of moisture getting into them. you can see how they're clustering up out to the west so this is a highly dynamic situation coming together and as we say it could be a nearby for in the morning
9:34 pm
then you will see the break senate and other big batches of rain, and in some embedded thunderstorms which by late tomorrow could reach into a strong upper wins in transfer some of that wind energy down. the fear is that we will transfer some of that energy down to the surface all that comes amid loose tonight that lake michigan is down 14 in. from its level a year ago and that ties the october low level back to 1900 there hasn't been on october that has had a lake level any lower than that. we are six degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. these are highs today we will floor with that later next week it appears as a good lobov that comes down into
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the area its 46 now as we start raining into this initially dry air it will be cooled and rock as the day begins tomorrow the warmest temperatures will come tomorrow night. it will start absolutely miserable. by tomorrow night it's going to feel like spring we have much more to tell you about this weekend. tonight clouding over with a chance of a shower or two maybe even an embedded thunderstorms towards morning. winds will be east southeast and they will start picking up tomorrow cloudy and increasingly windy showers and thunderstorms becoming quite widespread by morning any one of these could produce down shores. the 65 will
9:36 pm
occur late in the day. we might get up close to 70 degrees for a time tomorrow night. thunderstorms in the morning we are stillmourning. a real autumn weekend around here. haven't had one of those autumn storms for a while. actor bob newhart visits the windy city for a special coming up. in chicago pizza place that is named as one of the best in the u.s..
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americans employees who escaped justice 52 other employees were taken hostage for 444 days. the escapes americans hit in the canadian ambassador's residence until they were smuggled out of the country posing as a film crew on a sci-fi film supposedly being made there the idea that this crazy story really even happened is amazing but the amazing performances here especially by alan arkin and john goodman make it thoughtful exciting and surprisingly funny a dean's list b +. one of the most out their movies and a good way is a christopher walken, colin farrell and woody harrelson in seven cycle paths it feels like it should be a bloody quentin tarantino film
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you would like my weekly movie review text the word dean to 97999. brought to by gentlemen's role at the riverfront theater. the incomparable bob newhart to the world-renowned comedian and actor is one of chicago's very own. i always respect the jesuits for the way i have a looking at life. they just question everything that's what they teach you. bob newhart graduated from the business school in 1952 and became an accountant before trying his hand at stand-up in 1960 when he
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recorded his best selling album the button-down line. i remember every saturday night after mary tyler more i watched that. the space shuttle endeavor takes one final trip for thousands of onlookers in l.a. the unbelievable road trip that really was a sight to see. his drama for game 5 between the yankees and the orioles. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna read one of these. i'm gonna read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags swiffer 360 duster's extender gets into hard-to-reach places without the hassle. so you can get unbelievable dust pickup in less time without missing a thing. i love that book. can you believe
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the space shuttle endeavor on its final mission to the streets of los angeles thousands wind up on the sidewalks transported to the california science center from lax. officials decided to move it this way because it cannot be taken apart 170,000 lbs. are being pulled wingspan 78 ft. cruz were forced to take down several hundred stoplights, 400 trees and raise cable and telephone lines as well. they
9:47 pm
are actually in pretty good shape out there. it does rain in chicago and it will at times this weekend. these are the temperatures but these are the two points. cool rainy spells in the area. look at the development and ninth tomorrow night and tomorrow morning. weizmann i it's going to feel like spring around here with
9:48 pm
southerly winds not only boosting temperatures in the '60s by keeping the dew points up as well here is why we are concerned about the severe weather capability, it's for that reason these thunderstorms may be fast movers and able to transfer some of that wind energy down to the surface. if you are going down to the virgin islands the hurricane center has just put a tropical storm watch out for the american virgin islands down in that area. that is tropical storm brought file it may become a hurricane but it will move out after that. 65 is our forecast tomorrow during the day that is late in the day. it sure will feel like that in the morning but tomorrow night gets warm. let's ponder this over the
9:49 pm
weekend and readdress the next week. if tom wants it, we can make this happen. chicago as we all know the pizza town has another spot that is earning rave reviews the website the daily mail has ranked it's pete's the near millennium park is having the fourth best pie in the country. coming up with the
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the tigers had justin oberland year to put away tonight. the yankees had just a few more. a base hit to right center. the
9:54 pm
yankees win three-one and they make the series and they now face the tigers in the american league. well preseason game no. 2 for the bowls in the first half was ugly. tom thibodaux must have been smoldering. i
9:55 pm
feel good about this group so very close last year into so many returning guys, i like the three guys that we have to give a step to the talent. >> i think we're going to surprise some people, we will live through some freshmen mistakes. i am excited about that. i think that is the direction that we are heading in now. you are right the pacers were the key. they are catching
9:56 pm
up to what we do in the team. a man fatally shot in the head on the south side this evening. he was the victim appears of a drive-by shooting. he leaves behind four daughters relatives say they are in california they very recently buried their mother and this man will be missed by many. your note it hurt us all to see that
9:57 pm
happening to him. my mother left because i called her name. no one is in custody we will have more on the morning news. >> also check on wgn that's the news for this friday night where have you shared your time with us.
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